Bad Kitty Butt Plug Review

Bad kitty anal plug

Bad kitty butt plug takes the spotlight in this article. This anal plug caters to the fixation on cats and role play games. There are plenty of men and women all over the world who are fascinated with cats. Many of them are even turned on sexually with feline fantasies. The purring, the cuteness and the

Bumble Bunny Tail Butt Plug Review

Rabbit tail butt plug

Another butt plug that deserves a feature presentation is this bunny tail butt plug. This animal tail butt plug is one of the cutest one I saw in long time. Bunny hop your way into a fun and exciting animal play with your master using the bunny tail butt plug. A product worth your consideration,

Pretty horse tail butt plugs

Crystal Delights horse tail butt plug

I was looking around to find myself a new horse tail butt plug. I wanted something that would look amazing and also perform well. This time I didn’t want tail made out of real horse hair, but I still want it to look real and pretty. Look is not everything I look at when buying new

Where to get affordable animal tail butt plugs?

Animal tail butt plugs

Let’s face it, most animal tail butt plugs cost a lot of money. Not everyone can afford plug that cost 50$ or even way over 100$. That’s why I took time to dig out all animal tail butt plugs that I could found for affordable price. As you can imagine, you might have to make

Well trained ponies


I’ve talked about pony tail butt plugs and pony play many times here, but I never talked about well trained ponies of this world. I found this really video and I thought to share it with you. This is part from Mary Jane O’Reilly’s neo burlesque show In Flagrante. You should definitely check this video