Butt Plug With Tail – 9 things to know about them

Ever wanted to bring out your inner animal? By using butt plug with tail you can do it better than you ever imagined. You can take role playing to a whole new level. No matter if you are dom or sub, you’ll have a lot of fun with them.

Butt plug with pony tailA lot of people is asking me tons of questions about butt plugs with tail. They want to know where they can find them, which one to choose, which anal lube to use, how to clean them and so on.

To make things clearer, especially for first-time users, I prepared this extensive guide. Here I covered everything I ever learned about them. Use links below as shortcuts to more information about plugs you are looking for.

If you are first time user, it might be smart to read the whole thing.

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Fox tail butt plug Horse tail butt plug Cat tail butt plug
Bunny tail butt plug Dog tail butt plug Pig tail butt plug
1. Types of butt plugs with tail 2. Butt plug with tail material breakdown 3. How to use butt plug with tail?
4. Which size of butt plug should I choose? 5. How to clean butt plug with tail? 6. Where to buy butt plug with tail?
7. How to make a animal tail butt plug 8. Faux fur or real fur? 9. Don’t forget to use lube!

1. Types of butt plugs with tail

If you want to try butt plug with tail, you have plenty to choose from. If you don’t know which one to try first, I made a short introduction for all of them. Here they are, enjoy.

Fox tail butt plug

This is one of the most luxurious but plugs on the market. Fox tail butt plug is what every foxy lady needs to have in her erotic toys collection.

Fox tail butt plugNot just that fox tail butt plug is extremely pleasurable to touch, but it also looks great and is highly seductive.

You can choose between real fur or faux one, as well as the plug itself can be made from various materials like silicon, rubber, glass, metal etc.

You can also choose the size of your preferences so here you have plenty of options to satisfy your taste.

But plug with foxtail can be a real luxurious treat for both sub and dom.

Horse tail butt plug

Horse tail butt plug or pony tail butt plugs as it’s also often referred to is a beautiful thing and useful thing for both sub and dom, too.

Horse tail butt plugDom can use horse butt plugs as a whip and sub can use it to add charm to the carnal game.

Horse tail butt plug can also be made in different sizes and from plenty of materials, like any butt plug and horse tail itself can be made from synthetic materials or real horsehair.

This is, of course, the thing of the feel you and your partner want to get in your pony play.

Cat tail butt plug

Cat tail butt plug is one of the butt plugs mostly used by women who like to let their inner kitten roam freely in the bedroom.

Cat tail butt plugCat tail butt plugs come in all shapes and sizes and are also made from different materials for different tastes.

Usually, the longer and fuller your cat tail butt plug is, the more enjoyable your meow game will be for both of the partners.

Plus, you can also get one of the bigger cats’ tails, like tiger, lion or panther, in case you’re more into the jungle.

Bunny tail butt plug

Bunny tail butt plug is designed for those honey bunnies that like to get all fluffy and playful.

Bunny tail butt plugBunny tail plugs are available in almost every color imaginable and the plug itself is made from the usual plug materials like glass, silicone, rubber and metal.

The bunny tail alone is made from faux bunny or real fox fur. That’s right, real fox fur.

Bunny tail butt plugs are the real delight both visually and sensationally and are especially perfect for starters who wouldn’t go with anything huge yet, but would like to get a feel of carnal passion.

Dog tail butt plug

If you enjoy puppy play, then you should buy one of dog tail butt plugs. Who doesn’t like a puppy that wiggles his tail?

Dog tail butt plugPuppy tail butt plugs come in a full stack of shapes, sizes, and materials.

The base of the plug is wider, so the dog tail doesn’t slip in the anus deeper than it is safe.

Dog tail butt plugs are mostly used by men, but they are designed for any puppy that would like to entertain its owner.

Pig tail butt plug

If you enjoy being humiliated or watching your sub squealing like a pig, then pig tail butt plug will give you tons of joy.

Pig tail butt plugThey can be made from several different materials and come in mostly pink and black color, although you can also find some alternatives.

Pig tail butt plugs are maybe not gentle as those from furry animals, but they will surely give pleasure to those who like to explore the limits of their partner’s submissive side.

Devil tail butt plug

Devil tail butt plug is not exactly animal tail butt plug, but I’ll mention it anyway.

Devil tail butt plugIf you want to let hell break loose in the bedroom, this is the tail butt plug for you.

If you ever searched for devil tail plug, you probably noticed how hard they are to find. Just a few years ago they were much easier to get.

That was also a time when I wrote a review of the devil tail butt plug itself.

It may be that other types of plugs overtook the interest of people, so less and fewer people wants to get devilish.

Other tail butt plugs

Beside animal tail butt plugs I mentioned above, you can also find other, rarer ones.

Leopard tail butt plugWolf tail butt plug, raccoon butt plug, cow tail butt plug, and unicorn tail butt plug are just some of those.

Don’t hesitate to google them, you can probably find any type of tail butt plugs you desire.

If you don’t find what you are looking for, you can always try to make your own. If you don’t know how to make it, you can learn it here.

2. Butt plug with tail material breakdown

In last few years I noticed a lot of very affordable animal tail butt plugs. Some of them cost less than 10$. All this got me thinking about the quality of these sex toys. Not only about how well they are made, but mainly about materials they are made of.

Butt plug materialsSince butt plugs go to the very sensitive area, it’s important to use safe materials. This goes for all sex toys regardless of use. A lot of sex toys are made poorly and from dangerous to straight toxic materials.

To play it safe, I suggest buying animal tail butt plugs (or any kind of sex toys) made out of ABS hard plastic, ceramic, silicon, metal, glass, and specially treated wood.

All these materials are hypoallergenic and non-porous. They are much easier to clean and do not retain bacteria in the tiny pockets or pores on the surface.

Besides avoiding dangerous materials, you should also avoid silicon and rubber butt plugs in case you have latex allergies.

3. How to use butt plug with tail?

Using animal tail butt plug is pretty much as using any other butt plug. Besides choosing the right size of the plug for you, make sure use plenty of lube before you start playing with an animal tail plug of your choice.

Pony tail butt plugI would like to warn you about mistake many people make in beginning. Do not pull the plug out by holding the tail.

There is a big chance you’ll pull the tail out of the plug and damage it. Try to avoid pulling tail at any cost.

Some of you would like to know how long they can wear a butt plug with tail. There is no rule when it comes to this.

In general, I wouldn’t recommend you to wear it more than few hours at a time. It can be different from one person to other. As long as you don’t feel any discomfort you can wear it.

Also, do make sure you use the right size and plenty of lube. You can find more on how to choose the right size and proper lube below.

4. Which size of butt plug should I choose?

Choosing the right size of the utt plug is very important. Too large plug can cause a lot of discomfort and even damage to the delicate lining of the anal canal. This shouldn’t be the problem for those who used butt plugs previously.

Let me give a few simple tips for beginners who are buying butt plugs for the first time. Buying that fox tail butt plug you like may look awfully tempting, but it may not actually be the right one for you.

Anal training kitMost of animal tail butt plugs have mid-sized butt plug, which might be too big for beginners. They might not be comfortable or stimulating, and you might spend hard earned money on something you might not even use.

Animal tail butt plugs rarely have small sized butt plug. If you still have to own one of them and you are afraid that plug is too big, get anal trainer kit, which will help to properly stretch your anus.

If you are looking for a good anal trainer kit, these three are a good choice:

5. How to clean butt plug with tail?

Cleaning butt plugs with tail is almost always a challenge. Besides cleaning the butt plug itself, you often need to clean the tail too, which can be a bit tricky at times.

Cleaning animal tail butt plugsLet’s start with the plug. The easiest way for me to clean them is to wash them with plenty of warm water and few squirts of anti-bacterial soap.

I finish by rinsing plug with a lot of tap water and drying them with paper hand towel. Never use dish brush or scrubber as this might damage the surface of the plug.

You can also wash them with sex toy cleaners, rubbing alcohol or put them in the dishwasher. Whatever you do, read washing instructions first to avoid damaging it.

Washing tail can be tricky, especially if you can’t detach it from the plug. The biggest problem is the cleaning of the real fur. I’ve found that mixture of warm water and rubbing alcohol (50/50) works best in these cases. Put a little of it on clean cloth (preferable white) and wipe the whole tail. Do not rinse it! Leave it to air dry before putting it away.

As you can see, cleaning tail butt plugs can be pain in the ass, but not the enjoyable type. To avoid cleaning the plugs, you can put condom over them. This is specially recommended if you share plug with your partner, which, in general, is not recommended.

When buying animal tail butt plug, look for the one with detachable tail. That way you can detach tail and clean just the plug. Crystal delights have a pony and rabbit butt plugs with detachable tails. My favorite Crystal delight are definitely Reignbow butt plugs.

6. Where to buy butt plug with tail?

Buying animal tail butt plug can be challenging at times. They are not something that many sex shops would carry. For me it’s just easier to visit online sex shops and find the one I want there.

I am a creature of habits, so I usually buy them from one of my favorite sex shops (you can find the list below). Mainly because I know what I’ll get and how their customer support works.

However, there are other places beside sex shops where you can get animal tail butt plug. I heard from different people that they are buying them on eBay. eBay is a great place to buy many things, but I would never (ok, almost never) buy sex toys there, because most sellers don’t offer any information about materials, origin and you never really know what you’ll get. As I wrote earlier in this article, some materials can be really harmful and I would suggest you to avoid the risks.

Another place where you can find quite interesting and even one of a kind butt plus with tail is  Etsy. They might not be very affordable, but most of them are really nice looking.

If you really want something special, something truly unique, then the best is to get custom made butt plug tail. There are some small companies that offer just that. Downside of custom made animal tail butt plugs is the price, as they can be quite expensive. But on the other side, they can also be a pieces of art.

In case you are wondering, these are some of my favorite shops to buy animal butt plugs (and other sex toys):

*Use discount codes in brackets to save some money. This codes are tested and used by me.

7. How to make a animal tail butt plug

I remember a few years ago when it was really hard to find and buy almost any type of animal tail butt plugs. And even if you did find some, they might not be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

That is the reason why I started making my own homemade tail butt plugs. The biggest problem was always fitting tail to a butt plug, but almost nothing ever worked as it should. I tried different glues, but none of them worked for long.

The most fun I had was while I was making kitten butt tail plug from scratch for my pet. First thing I did was to make mold out of my pet’s favorite butt plug using Clone-a-Willy kit. You can mold your penis instead butt plug if you want.

After I poured mixture in mold, I stuck in about 15 inches long wire that I used to attach tail and to make it curl up a bit. I made tail out of faux fur fabric. This was quite messy, but results were quite satisfying.

Make butt plug with tailA much easier way (the one I use most often) is to simply tie any type of tail you want to butt plug with a loop.

First, you’ll need a butt plug of your choice with a loop.

The second thing you’ll need is cat tail (or any other you might want) with loop or string and tie it to a plug.

If you can’t make your own tail, you can get one in a set of ears for a few bucks at most costume shops.

The great thing about this method is that you can separate the two pieces for cleaning, and if you want, you can replace tail with a new one without buying the whole tail butt plug.

Here are some great examples of butt plugs with a loop:

8. Faux fur or real fur?

This is one of those endless debates where we can only agree to disagree. While some people have no problem using butt plug with tail made out real fur, others might have moral issues about it.

I’m not going to preach what is right, you have to decide on your own. Good news is that all animal tail butt plugs that uses fur or animal hair are available with faux fur or synthetic hair.

I have no issues using real fur as long as it’s from animals that died of natural causes. I do not support any type of animal cruelty and would never buy or wear fur from animal that were killed for its fur. Luckily, this is very rare (I never actually heard of case) in sex toy industry.

There is a plenty of good reasons to buy butt plug tails that are made out of faux fur/hair:

  • Some people are allergic to animal fur/hair
  • Much easier to clean
  • Longer life span
  • Cheaper than real fur tail butt plugs
  • Available in many colors and not limited to few natural ones.
  • Faux fur tails can be much longer and fluffier

Crystal Delights is the maker of some of the most interesting and colorful faux fur/hair butt plug tails. Check them out.

9. Don’t forget to use lube!

I think I don’t have to explain how important is to use plenty of lube to make anal penetration more comfortable and more pleasurable.

Anal lubesWe know two main types of anal lube, silicone-based and water-based lubes. They are both great for anal play and both come with their pros and cons.

Water-based lubes are water-soluble, so they are very easy to wash away. They are a great choice for those with more sensitive skin.

The downside is that they dry up faster than silicone-based ones do.

Great choice for water-based anal lube is Sliquid, which is all natural.

Silicon-based lubes are the very popular choice for those who love anal sex because they stay wet for a very long time.

However, silicon-based lubes don’t play well with butt plugs (and other sex toys of course) made out of silicone. They will make your sex toy surface feel tacky and ruin it.

My favorite silicone-based lube is Gun oil by Empowered Products, because it’s very smooth and not sticky.

For more information about anal lubes and for great offer of lubes visit anal-lube.com

I hope you learned all you wanted about your favorite butt plug with tail. If you haven’t, please read other articles about many topics I covered on this site. If you’re still not satisfied with what you read, you are welcome to contact me and I’ll do my best to help.