Where to get pony tail butt plug?

This is the question I get a lot. Many people would love to buy pony tail butt plug, but they just don’t know where to get it. Or even more common question, which pony tail plug to buy. Luckily there is quite a big selection of plugs and you can choose between different plug sizes, different lengths of tail, authentic or fake tail hair, different materials of plugs and even wide price range.

Materials used for butt plug are the same as for most standard plugs. Most of them are made out of rubber or silicon. A little more rare pony tail butt plugs are made out of metal. All this materials have there pros and cons, so choose the one you prefer. If you have sensitive skin or even allergies, make sure butt plug doesn’t contain any latex or phthalates.

Let’s say few words about butt plug size. I would highly suggest that you start with smaller size butt plug if you are total beginner. If you’ll start with too big plug, your first pony tail plug experience wont be pleasant. Luckily you can choose between 3 different size of plugs. A Small for beginners, medium for little more experienced and big one for extreme pleasures.

Here are some of the most popular pony tail butt plugs with short description:

This is one of the most popular pony tail plugs. It’s made by Doc Johnson, a very well known adult toy company. It comes in two sizes, small and medium. Horse tail is made out of nylon and is about 14″ long. It’s perfect start up horse butt plug for all pretty ponies.

Available at ExtremeRestrains and Amazon.

This is really nice pony tail plug. It has beautiful 22″ long rubber tail, that can be easily double used as a whip. Because tail is made out of rubber, it’s very easy to clean. It has one of the longest tail of all plugs on list. Plug is made out of very smooth and comfortable silicon.

This model is not available any more. Click here for similar models.

This rubber pony tail butt plug is available in 3 different sizes. Unfortunately, bigger the plug is, bigger the price gets. But if you ask me, is totally worthy. This plug is one of the rare pony tail plugs that have authentic horsehair measuring approximately 21 inches in length. This is almost as close as it gets to the real thing.

This model is not available any more. Click here for similar models.

This elegant stainless steel horse hair anal plug is one of the kind. It’s well crafted and nicely weighted. Plug have tear drop shape for ease of entry and very slim post that ensures this plug will stay where you want while you play as hard as you want. Benefit of stainless still plug is easy cleaning.

Available at ButtPlugStore.com

This is another pony tail butt plug with authentic horsehair. This blond tail with hundreds of strains of horsehair is measuring approximately 21″ in length and is beautiful. Plug is made out of black latex in hourglass shape to conform to anal anatomy. Like some of plugs mentioned in this article, this one is also available in 2 sizes, small and medium.

This model is not available any more. Click here for similar models.

This horse tail butt plug is actually the same as the one above with exception ofred horsehair. It has the same hourglass shape black latex plug and authentic horsehair measuring approximately 21″ in length. You can also use it as a whip, which is essential to ponygirl/ponyboy game.

Available at Stockroom



There is just one more thing I would like to remind you before you go and buy pony tail butt plug. I would highly recommend use of quality lube to make your experience even better. I personally use water based lube, which is easy to wash of after use. Astroglide and Maximus are my favorite choice. For bigger selection of lubes click here.



Don’t pull horse tail butt plug out of the anus by the tail. Some of this tails are simply glued to the plug and aren’t made for pulling. Grab butt plug at there flare base to pull it out.

2 Responses to Where to get pony tail butt plug?

  1. Crystal says:

    I am searching for a plug sold by Nellie’s novelty’s many years ago. It curved upward from the end of the plug to then connect to the horse hair.
    It allows a pony to stand and have the tail base flow outward from the top of the as crease. It had quiet an elegant swaying movement when she strutted. Have you seen where one may be purchased, the original was lost in a fire.

  2. Guy Thorn says:

    I know which one you are talking about. It’s a real beauty. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen one in a while. But I’ll keep my eyes open for you.

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