Dog Tail Butt Plug

Dog tail butt plugDog tail butt plug is mandatory for any good puppy play. Your puppy needs an upright wiggly tail to show how happy he is to see his master again. At the same time, dog tail butt plug has to stay in place and be comfortable enough for long-term wear.

Finding butt plug with puppy tail is hard enough, finding really good one in next to impossible. Due to popular demand, Mr. S Leather (top BDSM toys manufacturer) brought back their very popular dog tail butt plug. They even made a couple of changes and further improved already great plug.

The new model has a longer tail, which now measures 10 inches. They also made the tail and plug more comfortable and much more effective allowing any pup to have better communication with its owner. New butt plug has an egg shape insertable part with a much more narrow base to help it lock in place. That makes this puppy tail butt plug much more suitable for long-term wear.

The base of the plug was designed to help the tail to stay as upright as possible and at the same time allowing wagging tail up and down simply with clenching the hole. The tail is long and curved enough to make it possible for a puppy to wear it standing up and soft enough to wiggle with every move it makes.

This dog tail butt plug is made out of 100% platinum grade silicone and is safe to use with all kinds of lubes. I personally like to use water-based lube, but is up to you which you will use. Cleaning is also easy. You can clean it with anti-bacterial toy cleaner or boil it in hot water. You can even bleach it, just don’t use stronger than 10% solution.

The butt plug is 5 inches long and has 6 inches in circumference. The tail itself is about 10 inches long. If you want to surprise your owner with a brand new wiggle, then come over here and buy yourself a dog tail butt plug.

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