Luxurious Fox Tail Butt Plugs

Fox tail butt plugs

Ever wanted a really luxurious fox tail with glass butt plug? This is your chance. I love luxurious things and there is almost nothing as luxurious as big furry fox tail butt plug (I’m talking about sex toys here, people). I also like glass butt plugs. They are usually very beautiful and nicely shaped. Not to mention that they are really easy to clean. A little bit of sex cleaner or water with antibacterial soap and you are done.

You might wonder why I’m writing about this luxurious fox tail butt plugs? Few days ago, I was checking out impressive selection of butt plugs over at Among other jaw-dropping plugs, I found this award winning luxurious fox tail plugs.

They were 2012 AVN Best fetish product winners. What about that? And I can totally understand why they were a winners. Just look at those gorgeous tails. They are made out of real fox fur and you can choose between four different color variations. This glass butt plugs are kind of bulb shaped, which I usually don’t like much. But on the other hand, they don’t tend to fall out easily, which is also great. Without further ado, here I present you the four variation of this luxurious butt plug.

Silver fox tail butt plugThis one is a real beauty. It’s tail from real silver fox and is a little bigger then rest of them. It’s mostly black and silver with a beautiful gray undercoat. Most have white tail tips, which I specially like. While tail size can vary from one tail to another, they measure around 17 inches in length. If you like it, grab one here.

Black fox tail butt plugI have to say that I don’t see totally black fox tail often. Too bad, because I like it. This is kind of medium size tail and runs between 14-16 inches in length. This is more then enough for good play. Because of color, this plug could easily pass as cat tail butt plug too. If you like it, go here to get it.

Kit fox tail butt plugI really like the color of kit fox tail. It has that beautiful tones of rust, black and butterscotch. It’s one of the smallest ones, but still a lot of fun to play with. It’s not just smaller then most of them, it’s also a little bit thinner, which makes it a good alternative for cat tail butt plug. This tails runs between 12-15 inches, which is more then enough. This one is not available anymore.

Red fox tail butt plugThis one is my favorite, because I have a thing for red fox tails. And this glass butt plug uses Canadian red fox tail, which is just perfect. Canadian foxes have one of the longest tails, but they are a little bit thinner and narrower then most of them. It has beautiful shades of caramel, black and rust and runs between 15-18 inches in length. Thinner nature and color of the tail makes this plug perfect alternative for cat tail butt plug. If you like this one as much as I do, this is the place to get it.

Warning: Do not tug or pull on tail during use. Even though they are quality made, then can still break. Since this is real fox fur, every tail has unique color and size and might vary from those on pictures.Enjoy your luxurious fox tail butt plug.

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