Check out this glass bunny tail butt plug!

Glass bunny tail butt plug

This Glass Bunny Tail butt plug is your traditional plug and comes in at a price which you would expect. While within the expected price range though, this piece of work provides great sexual pleasure for both males and females. The beautiful glass handle with elegant flourishes gives you that naughty feeling from the word goes.

Glass bunny tail butt plugThe product comes directly from Icon Brands, which is renown for making quality products at an affordable price. As the product says, the Glass Bunny tail butt plug is made for people who understand that “pain meets pleasure” and “orgasmic bliss is just a sting away”.

The product is absolutely beautiful and will give you eye-candy as soon as you see it. Unlike nothing before, the glass bunny tail uses real feathers as opposed to fox tail (like most bunny tail butt plugs use). This ensures that the product is suitable for animal lovers across the globe – and it also helps to bring the price down. This butt plug is also phthalate-free, available in small and large size, and looks the works too.

This butt plug is ideal for any sexually active couple who would consider themselves beginners or intermediates with playing around with naughty toys. It’s extremely affordable and does the job just perfect. You’re going to be able to truly understand why pain often means intense pleasure.

This plug is not extremely cheap, but it is more affordable than the ones we usually find. Plus they look amazing. There are not many places you can get it. But however, I did find it on Amazon and Butt plug store. Have a blast.


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