Animal tail butt plugs

Animal tail butt plugsNo matter if you are into roleplaying or just good ol’ submissive games, you need the right gear to get in the mood. Many people enjoy dressing up like their favorite animal and others just like to behave like the animal they are. But no matter what you like, you are nothing without the right tail. That’s why you need Animal Tail Butt Plugs.

Animal tail butt plugs do much more than give you the tail you want but will give you all the pleasure that your anus deserve. If you like pony play, then your pretty horsey need Pony Tail Plug. But if your horsey doesn’t behave like it should, you can use that pony tail as a whip too.

Fox tail butt plugPony Tail Plug is not the only plug you can find here. For all the wiggling and hopping submissive, you can find the prettiest white Bunny Tail Plug. For all the cat ladies there are beautiful long Cat Tail Butt Plug. Nothing will make you meow more than right cat tail. For all the foxy ladies there is Fox Tail Plug.

Give your submissive authentic fox tail and fox hunt can begin. If you or your submissive is a devilish lady or bad boy, then Devil Tail Plug is what you need. Well, sometimes your submissive just disobey and you have to punish and humiliate them. Nothing humiliates them more than Pig Butt Plug or Dog Tail Butt Plug. Make your piggy squeal and your dog howling like crazy.

As you can see there is a toy for every taste. Animal Tail Butt Plugs can be a fun way to spice up your life. They are easy to maintain and clean. When using it, I would recommend a good lube. There are many good ones, but I would choose water based lube. And you can’t go wrong if you choose Astroglide of Maximus for really heavy duty. Enjoy your Animal Tail Butt Plugs.

2 Responses to Animal tail butt plugs

  1. Sam Grume says:

    Can tails be worn while walking around, say under a skirt?

    Can tails be worn while seated?

    For instance, could you take your bunny girl or foxy lady to dinner? (I can see that a fox tail might be hard to conceal in public with anything less than a full skirt. Dress aside, is the tail itself comfortable to wear while for an hour or so doing anything other than playing in the bedroom?)

    I am not interested in causing my partner any distress, I just think these things look cute as can be.

  2. Guy Thorn says:

    Sure you can. Many wear then for hours every day. But I think your partner will need a little bit of training in case she is not use to wear them at all. Maybe fox tail butt plug is not exactly the best choice for a butt plug if you want to wear it in public. Bunny tail plug is much more convenient for something like that. Your partner shouldn’t have problems hiding this plug under skirt or sitting down while wearing one. More she will wear one, more comfortable she will feel wearing it.

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