Pig Butt Plug

Pig Tail Plug

There is no bigger joy, then seeing your submissive squeal like a little pig. But your piggy can’t be real piggy without a tail. That’s why your little piggy needs Pig Butt Plug.

If you are really into humiliating, nothing will humiliate you or your partner more than this rubber Pig Tail Butt Plug. This Pig Butt Plug is made out of soft rubber called sensafirm material. That why this plug will nicely slip into your anus and give you silky comfortable fit. You will be able to wiggle that tail like a pig you are.

Pig Tail Plug is 9 inches long in overall. The plug is 4 inches long and tail adds another 5 inches. Pig plug widest diameter is 1.25 inches. This Pig Tail Plug is another great product from Boi Toyz. Don’t let brand-name fools you, this ain’t just boy toy, but is also meant for women that like a good butt plug inside of her.

You can have a lot of fun with this Pig Butt Plug. You can use it yourself and play like a piggy or you punish your submissive when he/she is misbehaving. The fun will last forever.

So what are you waiting for? Humiliate yourself or your submissive and buy this Pig Butt Plug now!

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