Bumble Bunny Tail Butt Plug Review

Rabbit tail butt plug

Another butt plug that deserves a feature presentation is this bunny tail butt plug.

Bunny tail plugThis animal tail butt plug is one of the cutest ones I saw in a long time.

Bunny hops your way into a fun and exciting animal play with your master using the bunny tail butt plug.

A product worth your consideration, the Bumble Bunny Faux Fur Tail Plug is quite the animal role-play accessory.

The metal plug has bulbous ripples designed for more stimulation in the anal area.

Bumble Bunny Tail Butt Plug Details

The bunny tail butt plugs measure 5 inches in total length with an insertable 2 inches. It has a 1.15-inch diameter at widest point.

This furry tail butt plug is made of aluminum and polyester. Completely hypoallergenic and phthalates free.

More technical details here

Bunny faux fur tail plugPros

Slide in the bunny tail butt plug and we instantly transformed into a cute bunny for your dominant to play with.

With its sleek, slippery metal and a little lube, the plug will slide easily in your butt.

The perfect shape of the plug is one of its primary features. The weight of the plug is designed to give the wearer an extra sense of fullness.

Another benefit of this bunny tail butt plug is that the material is temperature sensitive. This means you can use it heated up or cooled down. Talk about simulations, right? Plus, the material is non-porous and safe for all kinds lubes and sensitivities. It is also a breeze to clean.


Bunny tail butt plugThe size of this bunny butt plug is suited for beginners and won’t be fulfilling for those more experienced in anal penetration.


This cute and exciting bunny butt plug is perfect for couples who are into animal roles playing and humiliation activities. It’s cute and sexual at the same time. People into furry fandom will surely get a kick out of this.

Overall, I give this bunny tail butt plug a rating of 4 stars out of 5.

Another great thing that I forgot to mention before is, that is also very affordable. I got it for less than 16$ on Amazon. Check it out for yourself.

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