Bad Kitty Butt Plug Review

Bad kitty anal plug

Bad kitty butt plug takes the spotlight in this article. This anal plug caters to the fixation on cats and role play games. There are plenty of men and women all over the world who are fascinated with cats.

Many of them are even turned on sexually with feline fantasies. The purring, the cuteness and the sensual nature of felinescan ignite passion between couples.

What is the Bad Kitty Butt Plug?

Cat tail butt plugThe Bad kitty butt plug is a long cat tail butt plug that will definitely spice up your kinky role playing games in the bedroom.

This cat tail butt plug has a soft silcone plug that slides in the anuseffortlessly.

This cat tail plug is made of hypoallergenic, nonporous and phtlates free silicone that makes it skin safe and non irritating.

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How is it used?

This cat tail butt plug is inserted in the anus using lubes leaving the tail part hanging and wagging during foreplay. The tail is made up of synthetic fur that is soft against the skin and the wearer will love how it will caress the inner thighs.

This cat tail butt plug can be bent according to how you want it to. It can be curled up or down, left or right.

Role playing as a cat causes arousal in both wearer and audience and is also part of BDSM activities. Being humiliated by dressing up as an animal is a common power play activity in many dominant and submissive relationships.

Product Details

The cat tail butt plug is made up of silicone, metal and polyester. It comes in the only in balck color.

Cat tail plugBad Kitty butt plug is 28 inches in total length. The tail measures 24 inches in length and the plug is 4 inches of insertable length. It has a 1.4 inch diameter.

There are loops in the rail to which users can attach vibrator bullets on. With vibrations, the cat tail butt plug becomes a strong sensually stimulating toy.

Bullets though are sold separately.

The Verdict

Bad kitty butt plugLet’s talk about the cons of the cat tail plug first. The bad kitty butt plug has a hairy and furry tail attached to it.

Some complain that the fur is too long and gets caught in places you don’t want it to. Other than that, I don’t see anything else wrong with it.

Next we move on to the pros of the cat tail plug. The addition of the loops where you can attach bullets on is just genius. It shows that the manufacturer is really putting the clients’ pleasure in mind.

Next I must say, the size of the plug is perfect for beginners in anal penetration, but still big enough to please the more experienced users.

Overall, I give this cat tail butt plug a rating of 4.5 out of a perfect 5, always leaving room for improvement while also showing you how much I am please with the product.

Not only this is one of rare cat tail plus on the market, it costed me less than 30$.  Check here if ExtremeRestraints still have them on stock.

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