The Reignbow pony plugs – My little pony butt plug

Reignbow pony plugs

Have you heard of the Reignbow pony plugs and you don’t know exactly what they are? Are you not sure if it is Reignbow or Rainbow pony plug? Once you will read these lines you will know everything you need about this.

Reignbow pony plugsThe Reignbow pony plug, also known as My little pony butt plug, is a sex toy created for those loving the ponytail butt plugs. This sex toy was designed with the numerous My Little Pony lovers in mind which now, can put their fantasies into practice.

The pony butt plugs are very colorful and this makes them very irresistible. They were at first available in 4 colors: violet, yellow, blue and pink, just like the main characters tails of the popular cartoon. Later on, this pony tail plug becomes available in several more colors like brown, black and white (13 in total).

The one who designed the Reignbow pony plugs is the popular Tasha Reign, a porn star, sex columnist and Penthouse model who loves the sexy toys, the arts and the crafts. These Reignbow pony plugs are definitely something that any of the ponytail butt plugs fans will love!

What is My little pony butt plug all about?

Tasha Reign pony plugsMy little pony butt plugs are made for the people who love the pony plugs and who want to add more color and more visual joy to their role-play scenario, for those who want to show their wild side and for a more stimulating sex life.

These sex toys were designed by the famous and superb XXX actress Tasha Reign and the idea behind it is to offer the fans of the My Little Pony the chance of having their sexual fantasies totally fulfilled.

These pony butt plugs are handcrafted, very colorful, flowing, curly, created to be as comfortable as possible and they are of the highest quality. The ponytail offers such a pleasant feeling while getting in touch with the skin that it makes you wiggle your ass more and more.

Find them on their official site.

Reignbow pony plugs or Rainbow pony plugs?

My little pony butt plugThere is a small confusion regarding the name of these pony plugs. Some may call them Rainbow pony plugs because Rainbow Dash is the name of a pony from the My little pony cartoon.

And, as these pony plugs were designed having the My little pony fans in mind, some people make this connection and this is why the mistake and the confusion appear.

But, the name of these sex toys is Reignbow pony plugs and is a mix of Rainbow Dash name and Tasha Reign name (the woman who designed these pony butt plugs).

What makes Reignbow pony plugs so great?

The Reignbow pony plugs are nothing but highest quality. The tails are made of fake pony hair (High-Grade Wig Hair) so no animal has to suffer for these sex toys to be made.

My Little Pony Butt PlugThe glass from which the anal plug is made of is body safe hardened Borosilicate Glass, which is eco-friendly, non-toxic and Phthalate Free.

The butt plug is available in three sizes from which you can choose (small, medium and large) and the tails are available in two different lengths, too (short and long).

The tails are detachable, which makes these but plugs so great, for so many reasons. The most important reason is that, be detachable, the tail and the butt plug can be washed separately.

Since the tail and the plug are made of different materials, they have special cleaning needs so we have to wash each piece in part. Another big advantage is that you can buy the tails only and to switch them, which is much more financially convenient than purchasing other Reignbow pony plugs.

Where to buy Reignbow pony plugs from?

Reignbow Pony PlugIf you want to buy My little pony butt plug you can try finding one at your local sex shops, but I am afraid that there are many chances not to find one there. The best place to find Reignbow pony plugs is the Internet.

Even here they are hard to find, but buying them online has important advantages. You can compare the prices and choose the one that it fits the best to your budget.

I bought my own Reignbow pony plugs directly from Crystal Delights official site. While you could buy them in other shops too just a few months ago, that’s not possible anymore. At least I couldn’t find it in other shops.

It is an excellent chance of getting these high-quality Reignbow pony plugs with discount and without having to search for them at the sex shops.

I truly hope that you found in this article the information you were looking for, regarding the Reignbow pony plugs, and I wish you to have a lot of fun with your own colorful and kinky My little pony butt plug.

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  1. Tracey McCoy says:

    Butt Plugs Are A Must For Me, I Never Go A Day Without One In Me, I Would Feel Absolutely Empty Without One. They Make Me feel Extra Feminine All The Time. Plugs With Tails Are Even More Sensuous And Sexy Too.

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