Devil Tail Plug

Devil Tail Plug

This lil Devil Tail Plug is an ultimate joy toy for all naughty boys and devilish divas. If you like to give in to sin, you are going to love this Devil Tail Plug. Nothing fuel the flames of passion like a silky stimulating fulfillment of your anus.

This cute Devil Tail Butt Plug is made out of a unique dual-layer product called SensaFirm. SensaFirm have flexible rubber outer layer and precision bonded with the silicon substrate to a hard inner core. That makes this Devil Tail Plug smooth like a velvet, but still firm when used. Butt plug has a classic shape with a flared end to stay in place comfortable, longer wear.

Devil Tail Plug comes in red color and is just under 9 inches long. The insertable bulb is 3.74 inches long and the pointed tail measures 5 inches. Butt plug measures 1.65 inches in diameter at the widest part.

SensaFirm rubber is radically superior to traditional to ordinary rubber and creates a sensual exterior surface. That makes inserting this plug so much easier.

Imagine yourself using this plug. You can wiggle whit your little devil tail like a naughty devil, while a butt plug is hitting all your sweet spots. You will have a hell of a time! This is just something all you horny devils out there should have.

Do you like it? Find it right here!

2 Responses to Devil Tail Plug

  1. Howard says:

    The devils tail butt plug is this still available if so where in the uk. could you please give me details
    regards H.C. Earl

  2. Guy Thorn says:

    You can find Devil butt tail plug at Cathy Barry online adult store. They are out of stock at the moment, but check the from time to time, maybe they get it again.

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