Cat Tail Butt Plug

Cat tail butt plugsTrying to find Cat Tail Butt Plug on the internet is almost like finding “Keyser Soze”. Next to impossible.

I was searching for Cat Tail Plug last night, so I can write my next article. You can imagine my surprise when I couldn’t find it. At least not the place where I could buy it.

All I found were few pictures of cat tail plug and couple forum threads where people were talking about it. And even there people were asking where they can buy it. No one knows it. The closest thing I could find was Raccoon and Fox Tail Plug.

Cat tail butt plugIf you are also looking for Cat Tail Butt Plug, I hope you will have more luck than me. I was talking to my friend about this problem today and he asked me “why don’t you make your own?”. It’s easy! You just need to buy an ordinary butt plug, drill a hole in the back and glue fake tail in the back. The idea is not that bad, but I’m not DIY kind of a person.

Looks like I don’t have much more choice. I will have to make one or keep on searching online. Until then, my wife will have to use her cat ears and tail set I bought her for Valentine Day. It looks very hot together with her fur bikini.

If you buy any chance find Cat Tail Butt Plug anywhere, please let me know. You can use the contact form here. That’s it for today. Have a meowy day.

Finally! After a long time, I found cat tail butt plug that is affordable and made out of faux fur (Which is often requested by animal lovers). It’s simple, but I think it will do the trick. Please let me know. You can found it here.

8 Responses to Cat Tail Butt Plug

  1. dez says:

    heey why dont you make your own plug? buy a plug and add the tail to it, then you might got it
    and do you maby got a picture of your wife with that bikini you want to post? (withouth her head ofcourse if you dont want it) my mail is you can always mail me if you need help with it

  2. admin says:

    I did try to add tail to plug, but fail miserably. I just couldn’t find the glue that would hold together plug and tail. I even try to drill a hole in to plug to stick the tail in and glue it, but it didn’t hold it together.

  3. Thesd says:

    Try Epoxy resin? Expensive stuff but it’ll stick anything to anythin!

  4. Jessi says:

    When I first got into sex toys, I was 17(now I’m 19), so I couldn’t buy them myself, so i studied their shape, experimented with different materials from which sex toys are made, and eventually i figured out how to make dildos and butt plugs myself! using my knowledge, skilled hands, and deep pockets(not meaning to brag), i made a nice, soft, bushy 22″ silver tail out of synthetic materials and the base of it was semi-rigid and had indentations to help keep it attached to the plug. i carved the positive mold for the plug from wood, refined the shape, and laquered it, then used it to make a plastic mold. i applied a release agent to the mold and used it to cast a plug from silicone, and i hung a cylinder in the silicone so that when it set, i could remove it and epoxy the tail into it. the plug was 7.5″ long and .875″ in diameter at its widest point. I like them long and thin. it turned out GREAT! even today, i make most of my toys.

  5. Guy Thorn says:

    This is also a great way to make your own custom plug. Plug can easily be made with “make your own dildo kit” or “clone-a-willy” if you are on budget.

  6. Dez says:

    well i pulled a string through the beginning of the tail and tied it, on the end of the string i made a small ball that you can glue in the plug,.. or maby create some sort of stick in the plug wich you can tie it to and then glue it closed so it cant go.. i made it on a small pingpong ball, drilled to small holes next to each other and tied the string through both and filled the ball with glue (tip for easy cleaning).. i also used a lil clip on the tail so i can detach the tail from the plug so i can clean the plug better w/o getting my tail all wet, hope you got to be able to fix anything.. or spend 55 dollar on a plug with tail from different sexshop sites

  7. Sage says:

    You can just buy one on They have them on there under heath & care.

  8. Jackie says:

    In regards to making your own, I’ve noticed one of the best ways is to use ribbon ties – get a butt plug with a loop on the end, then a tail with ties make of ribbon or webbing (if you are going to be pulling, webbing with a stronger closure than a knot could be used, or a pull through loop)

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