Pony Butt Plug

Pony Butt Plug

Sportsheets International is a well-known company in the adult toy world. They make a variety of quality fetish. And this Pony Butt Plug is no exception.

Plug-like this can certainly be a very cool addition to your toy collection. It can add some fantasy role-playing to your bedroom. Take your partner for a long ride and don’t let routine kills your relationship.

This big black beautiful butt plug with rubber tail it’s a real thing. It’s made out of the highest quality type of rubber that is perfect for anal pleasure.

The butt plug is not too big and is perfect for beginners and experienced users. Plug measures 3.5 inches in length and is 1 inch wide. The plug may be small, but I would recommend the use of good lube (like Maximus).

Plug’s  beautiful tail is 22 inches long and also made out of quality rubber. Because of practical use, this Pony Butt Plug can double feature as a whip.

What I like about this plug is that tail is much longer than they usually are. Some Pony tail Plugs have a tail made out of nylon, are shorter and they don’t swish that good. That’s why I prefer rubber tails.

Smaller plugs can be used by everyone, even total beginners.


  • It’s made out of quality rubber, perfect for anal play.
  • His 22” long rubber tail can double feature as a whip.
  • And because is entirely made out rubber is very easy to clean.


  • I couldn’t find many things I didn’t like about it. The only thing I didn’t like was the price. Price range for this plug is around 31-45$, which is a bit more than some other horse butt plugs.


This plugin is not available for purchase anymore. But in case you would like similar, then you can find a bunch of them here.

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