The Human Pony – Complete Pony Play Guide

The Human Pony

I know I mainly write about butt plugs with tail, but I found this book that looks like a really good find. I’m not that much into pony play, but some of you are, so I decided to make a quick post about it.

It’s book about Pony Play, written by professional mistress Rebecca Wilcox. She covers everything you wanted to know about pony play. She starts off with the definition of pony play and then she proceeds to show you everything from items to techniques to keep the pony play safe, sensual and enjoyable.

This book is a complete guide for all those who are into pony play but don’t know how or where to start. This book will give you answers on all questions you may have about pony play. Mistress Rebecca Wilcox even wrote a how-to guide on planning your own pony play event.

Ms. Wilcox gives you tantalizing view on this stimulating fetish. So why don’t you take a peek?

You can get Ms. Wilcox book The Human Pony here!

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