Fox Tail Plug

Fox Tail Plug

This Fox Tail Plug is one of a kind butt plug. It’s probably the only butt plug with an authentic tail. That will bring your role-playing games to whole other level.

Many people like when tail tickle their legs while using the plug. I understand them, I have always loved the feeling of fur against my skin. And nothing tickles like authentic fur.

Fox Tail Butt Plug is something every foxy lady should have, so you can treat them like the animal they are. Just one more reason to throw that fox hunting party you always wanted to have.

The plug has about 18 inches long authentic fox tail and is secured to quality black rubber plug. The plug is 5.5 inches long and 1.5 inches in diameter at its widest point. As you can see, this is not one of the smallest plugs, so I suggest you use a good lube. You can find 30% off special for Wet Platinum Lube here. Hurry before special ends.

This is what I think about this Fox Tail Plug:


  • The plug has authentic fox tail. This is as real as it gets.
  • The plug is made out of exceptional quality rubber.
  • Even the most experienced pets will appreciate the size of this plug. It’s big and it will fill you up like nothing before.
  • Very good price for this quality.


  • Because this plug has authentic fox tail, some people may have problems with this.
  • The plug is a bit big and may not be the best choice for total beginners.

You can get your Fox Tail Plug over at Extreme Restraints. Fox Tail Plugs been out of stock for some time, so hurry up before they run out of them again. Go here to get one.

One Response to Fox Tail Plug

  1. Pup Kaz says:

    These tails are awesome in my opinion. I have one that has to be replaced though since I didn’t know how to clean it properly. Just an FYI to all others who have one of these, it is the pure fur held together only by a small amount of glue in the middle like a column, so cleaning with water is out of the question as I found out this morning. Other then figuring out how to clean them correctly, I would and will still be recommending it to anyone that would like a tail that doesn’t come out so easily. If the plug is something that worries anyone in size, the tail actually detached easily from the plug, but not while inside you, and if you look for them, you can find smaller or larger plugs with the same hole in the bottom of it to attach the tail. Well, thanks for reading this, and I still recommend that if you have one; learn to clean it properly, and if you don’t: get one, they are so enjoyable.

    P.S.- Boys look cute and adorable with it in, and females for the most part look sexier with it in, especially if you just rest the tail up onto their back as you take them roughly or gently.

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