Devil Tail Plug

This lil Devil Tail Plug is an ultimate joy toy for all naughty boys and devilish divas. If you like to give in to sin, you are going to love this Devil Tail Plug. Nothing fuel the flames of passion like a silky stimulating fulfillment of your anus. This cute Devil Tail Butt Plug is

Pig Butt Plug

There is no bigger joy, then seeing your submissive squeal like a little pig. But your piggy can’t be real piggy without a tail. That’s why your little piggy needs Pig Butt Plug. If you are really into humiliating, nothing will humiliate you or your partner more than this rubber Pig Tail Butt Plug. This

Pony Tail Plug

Pony Tail Plug is a real treat for every pony play enthusiast. The best thing is that could be used by both, master and submissive. Master can be relentless and use pony butt plug as a whip and train his/her pretty pony. Submissive can get really into character and swish that tail like all pretty

Animal tail butt plugs

No matter if you are into roleplaying or just good ol’ submissive games, you need the right gear to get in the mood. Many people enjoy dressing up like their favorite animal and others just like to behave like the animal they are. But no matter what you like, you are nothing without the right