Where to get affordable animal tail butt plugs?

Animal tail butt plugs

Let’s face it, most animal tail butt plugs cost a lot of money. Not everyone can afford plug that cost 50$ or even way over 100$. That’s why I took time to dig out all animal tail butt plugs that I could found for affordable price. As you can imagine, you might have to make

Dog Tail Butt Plug

Dog tail butt plug is mandatory for any good puppy play. Your puppy needs upright wiggley tail to show how happy he is to see his master again. At the same time, dog tail butt plug have to stay in place and be comfortable enough for long term wear. Finding butt plug with puppy tail

Animal tail butt plugs

No matter if you are in to roleplaying or just good ol’ submissive games, you need the right gear to get in the mood. Many people enjoy dressing up like there favorite animal and others just like to behave like animal they are. But no matter what you like, you are nothing without the right