Well trained ponies


I’ve talked about pony tail butt plugs and pony play many times here, but I never talked about well trained ponies of this world. I found this really video and I thought to share it with you. This is part from Mary Jane O’Reilly’s neo burlesque show In Flagrante. You should definitely check this video

The Human Pony – Complete Pony Play Guide

I know I mainly write about butt plugs with tail, but I found this book that looks like a really good find. I’m not that much into pony play, but some of you are, so I decided to make a quick post about it. It’s book about Pony Play, written by professional mistress Rebecca Wilcox.

Pony Tail Plug

Pony Tail Plug is a real treat for every pony play enthusiast. The best thing is that could be used by both, master and submissive. Master can be relentless and use Pony Tail Plug as an whip and train his/her pretty pony. Submissive can get really in to character and swish that tail like all